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Encontro de Energia no Meio Rural


SILVA, Ivete Teixeira da, ALMEIDA, Arthur da Costa, MONTEIRO, José Humberto Araújo et al. Uso do caroço de açaí como possibilidade de desenvolvimento sustentável do meio rural, da agricultura familiar e de eletrificação rural no Estado do Pará. In Procedings of the 5th Encontro de Energia no Meio Rural, 2004, Campinas (SP) [online]. 2004 [cited 16 June 2024]. Available from: <http://www.proceedings.scielo.br/scielo.php?script=sci_arttext&pid=MSC0000000022004000200063&lng=en&nrm=iso> .

Called core of açaí the fruit without pulp. The core of açaí is originated from an Amazonian palm tree, which grows in "touceiras", composed by several stems, forming up to 25 plants in each touceira. açaí's fruit it is used to obtain a juice consumed daily by the population of the State of Pará, especially the Capital, Belém and iverine communities. The State of Pará is the largest national producer of açaí with 112.676 ton/year of the fruit. Of this total, 93.521 ton/year is made of residue (core), in other words, about 83%. The community remainder of race black and indian that lives to the margins of river Genipaúba, in Abaetetuba, in State of Pará, doesn't possess electric power and is big producing of Açaí, which is marketed in the period of the harvest, in form in natura. In this work , sustainable exploitation core, by-product of the improvement of the fruits of açaí is sought. The calorific power of the core, obtained in our laboratory, was 4.505 kcal/kg average and the energy potential is 40.800 MWh/month. This work shows the technological innovation that this pellet type promotes in Pará, with export possibilities, due to its use, could be used in bakeries ovens, kettles etc.

Keywords : Pellet; biomass; innovation; agricultural development; modeling with neural nets.

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