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Brazilian Nursing Communication Symposium


ARREGUY-SENA, Cristina, STUCHI, Rosamary Aparecida Garcia and CARVALHO, Emília Campos de. Pictorial communication applied as a strategy for teaching the NANDA taxonomy: experience report. In Proceedings of the 8. Brazilian Nursing Communication Symposium, 2002, San Pablo (SP, Brazil) [online]. 2002 [cited 12 June 2024]. Available from: <http://www.proceedings.scielo.br/scielo.php?script=sci_arttext&pid=MSC0000000052002000100046&lng=en&nrm=iso> .

The use of the nursing diagnosis to describe the situations for which the nursing professional is responsible is an increasing tendency, in relation to which the NANDA taxonomy is the most spread modality in Brazil. The undergraduate and postgraduate students’ assimilation of the structure and articulation of the components of the five kinds of nursing diagnoses is a difficulty we have been noticing in our teaching practice. In view of the aforesaid, we describe our experience in using the comparison between the components of a train and the elements that make up each kind of nursing diagnosis, with a view to improving the communication and assimilation of the NANDA taxonomy structure. We compare the diagnosis title to a locomotive; the definition to the rails; the defining features, the related factors and the risk factors to the railway wagons and the connectors to the linking between the locomotive and the railway wagons and among the wagons. The use of the similarity of nursing diagnosis components to a train structure was tested in a qualification course and in the undergraduation, specialization, master’s and doctoral courses, and was evaluated successfully by the participants in all cases.

Keywords : communication; nursing; education.

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