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Brazilian Nursing Communication Symposium


HOGA, Luiza Akiko Komura, FELIX, Carla Cristiane Paz, BALDINI, Patrícia et al. Interpersonal relationship: important birth care factor  according to the evaluation by the mothers. In Proceedings of the 8. Brazilian Nursing Communication Symposium, 2002, San Pablo (SP, Brazil) [online]. 2002 [cited 12 June 2024]. Available from: <http://www.proceedings.scielo.br/scielo.php?script=sci_arttext&pid=MSC0000000052002000100049&lng=en&nrm=iso> .

This research shows a part of the results of the research "The midwife´s care in childbirth and delivery: evaluating the experience of women and their families". The general aim of this research was the evaluation of childbirth care among women who received care in hospitals participating in the project "Insertion of the midwife in delivery care in São Paulo State Health Institutions". One of the specific objectives of this research was to know about the evaluation of women and their families in relation to the care received during childbirth and delivery, on the basis of their individual and subjective perspective. The results related to this specific objective have demonstrated that the interpersonal relationship is one of the main factors of delivery care, according to the evaluation of women and their families. Thus, the evaluation of delivery care was positive when an adequate interpersonal relation was established by the professionals, and negative when they had neglected this aspect.

Keywords : childbirth; evaluation; midwifery.

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