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Brazilian Nursing Communication Symposium


FREDERICO, Priscila and ALMEIDA, Maria Cecília Puntel de. Aspects of popular participation in the local health commissions.. In: BRAZILIAN NURSING COMMUNICATION SYMPOSIUM, 8., 2002, São Paulo. Proceedings online... Escola de Enfermagem de Ribeirão Preto - USP, Available from: <http://www.proceedings.scielo.br/scielo.php?script=sci_arttext&pid=MSC0000000052002000200012&lng=en&nrm=abn>. Acess on: 01 July. 2022.

Nowadays, we are facing the intensification of the debate on rights, democracy and participation, in which a central aspect is the reactivation of the social movements in favor of health. This study aimed to identify and characterize the Local Health Commissions in Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo with respect to formation, functioning and participation, as well as to analyze popular participation in these Commissions, seeking to obtain a clearer image of limits of opportunities. The study was developed from a qualitative approach, using interviews and participant observation for data collection. In an attempt to apply the theoretical framework of Habermas, popular participation was seen as a social and historical phenomenon that is "coming out of its shell", marked by many "fights" and "trials". We found that communication among the subjects remains quite centered on strategic steps that "colonized" the world of subjects’ lives. However, we could view moments of solitary actions among the people who demanded "we want to be heard", outlining the possibility of constructing an independent public space. This gives rise to the need for municipal administrations to really incorporate popular participation in the health area as a strong political project. Thus, we defend popular education with a view to constructing a world with more participation and social justice

Keywords : popular participation; health.

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