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Brazilian Nursing Communication Symposium


LESSA, Márcia Cristina, PINHA, Tatiane Villas Boas da, SILVA, Thays Taboada et al. Communication in nursing: modernization of the hospital information system - the use of the electronic chart.. In: BRAZILIAN NURSING COMMUNICATION SYMPOSIUM, 8., 2002, São Paulo. Proceedings online... Escola de Enfermagem de Ribeirão Preto - USP, Available from: <http://www.proceedings.scielo.br/scielo.php?script=sci_arttext&pid=MSC0000000052002000200038&lng=en&nrm=abn>. Acess on: 23 May. 2022.

This is a qualitative-description study realized by nursing students at Anna Nery School of Nursing (EEAN). The study object is the nursing team’s use of the electronic chart, with a view to identifying the interference caused by electronic chart use in care delivery, as well as analyzing advantages and disadvantages of the nursing team’s use of the electronic chart. Research subjects were 27 members of the nursing team (aids, technicians and nurses) of 2 sectors at a Rio de Janeiro University Hospital. Data were collected through interviews based on a half-structered script, which were tape-recorded. After transcription, data were grouped in four analysis units: Influence of previous contact with computers in using the electronic chart. Resistance to using the electronic chart associated with time working with the traditional chart.. Advantages in use of the electronic chart by the nursing team and Disadvantages in the use of the electronic chart. The current relevance of this team is due to the fact that computer use is a global tendency in various health care sectors. Thus, studies have to be realized with a view to disclosing the implications of using computer systems in nursing care.

Keywords : communication; nursing; information.

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