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Brazilian Nursing Communication Symposium


ROSAS, Ann Mary Machado Tinoco Feitosa, SANTANA, Gabriela Oliveira, VIANA, Ligia de Oliveira et al. Laboratory of didactic-pedagogical actions in a licentiate’s course in nursing: an experience to pass forward.. In: BRAZILIAN NURSING COMMUNICATION SYMPOSIUM, 8., 2002, São Paulo. Proceedings online... Escola de Enfermagem de Ribeirão Preto - USP, Available from: <http://www.proceedings.scielo.br/scielo.php?script=sci_arttext&pid=MSC0000000052002000200040&lng=en&nrm=abn>. Acess on: 01 July. 2022.

The Any Nery School of Nursing has actually been concerned with the search for education directed at social reality. In this context, through the Licentiate’s Course, we identify the necessity to develop a didactic-pedagogical approach that culminates in the construction of procedures and equipment that allow for the communication and socialization process of knowledge. Thus, we created the Laboratory of didactic-pedagogical actions in June 2000 with a view to developing forms of education and learning in accordance with the critical didactic procedures of learner and educator; stimulating the creation of didactic techniques through creativity, critical attitudes and a view on the group of students and professors; allowing for permanent education of licentiate students, seeking to rethink pedagogical practice and evaluating the creation of education and learning forms that result from the critical didactic procedures of student and educator in nursing care teaching. The results of our experiences indicate: increasing motivation among students, even those who are not graduating and among teachers in realizing their scientific work, directed at the development of didactic techniques for better communicating nursing care with a view to allowing for qualified care. Out of twelve students who concluded the Licentiate’s Course in these two years, eight are taking Specialization Courses and four are in Master’s Courses in the diverse Rio De Janeiro institutions, continuing to try and use dynamic care teaching forms.

Keywords : laboratory; licentiate’s course; education.

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