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Congresso Internacional de Pedagogia Social


MORALES, Marcelo. What do you do, that I do not do? Clues about the identity of a Social Educator. In Proceedings of the 4th.Congresso Internacional de Pedagogia Social Congresso Internacional de Pedagogia Social, 2012, São Paulo (SP, Brazil) [online]. 2012 [cited 18 May 2024]. Available from: <http://www.proceedings.scielo.br/scielo.php?script=sci_arttext&pid=MSC0000000092012000200004&lng=en&nrm=iso> .

Since twenty years now, it exists in Uruguay a career to form professionals of education to redeem in a well growing and diversified field that grant the title of Social Educator. How to define its specificity and its field of acting it is a challenge that cannot be solved only from an academic reflexion, unknowing its politic veiland practical dimension. In this sense, the assumed definition about social education will influence the decisions about the social educators' formation, and besides, these professionals are a privileged actor at the time of contributing to the conceptualization and delimitation of the field.It is essential then, to follow thinking in this relation between the professional and the field that demands and brings sense to the function. Which is the social need that the professional gives response to? Since some distinctive marcs, that in our country influenced the emergence and the development of the formation of social educators (and therefore in the field's construction of social education), we will try to unravel the relation between the educative practices' field and the specificity of a professional that, by definition, must take over these practices. The demands directed to social educators are from a varied nature and require complex answers. Lots of them take the Social Educator as someone capable of solving something that does not work or that cannot have been solved properly so far: are there teens in squares that worries neighbors? A Social Educator. Does not they want to get back to the formal educative system and nothing moves them? A Social Educator. Are playtimes lawless at schools? A Social Educator. And so on, we could take more and more examples, there are diverse expectations about what this new figure does or should do. To get inside in the dialogue with these demands from the education, implies first of all to recognize that the Social Educator cannot do it all! We will try to see what they do can.

Keywords : Social Education; Social Educator; Function; Identity.

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