8º Brazilian Nursing Communication Symposium


Instructions to authors

Open Themes

The full paper must be sent until 03/08/02, together with:

- Letter including authorization for publication, if accepted.
- 2 printed copies of the manuscript.
- Inscription form for the presenting author.
- Corresponding file saved on diskette.

Selection criteria

- Manuscripts must be sent to SIBRACEn only, except for theses and monographs.
- Papers must not exceed 7 pages, including bibliographic references and attachments; space 1.5; margin 2.5 cm; Times New Roman 10 point font; typed in Word for Windows 7.0, saved on a 3 ½ HD diskette.
- Manuscripts must respect the following order: title, full name of the author(s) (underline the presenting author); abstract in Portuguese; affiliation and address (footnote); problem statement, purpose, basic methodological procedures, results and data analysis, conclusion, abstract in English and bibliographic references, according to ABNT standards.
- Papers involving human beings must be in accordance with resolution 196/96 by the Brazilian National Health Council - CNS.
- The abstract should not exceed 200 words, including problem statement, purpose, methodology, results and conclusion.

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